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The Erotic Philosopher

Dec 1, 2022

This week's guest Dr Roger Kuhn is a Poarch Creek Two-Spirit Indigequeer soma-cultural activist, artist, sex therapist, and sexuality educator.  Roger’s work explores the concepts of decolonizing and unsettling sexuality and focuses on the way culture impacts and informs our bodily experiences.  
In addition to his work as a licensed psychotherapist, Roger is a faculty lecturer of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University.  He is a board member of the American Indian Cultural Center of San Francisco, a community organizer of the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit powwow, and a member of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.  
In 2022, Roger was featured in the Levi’s Pride campaign.  He is currently writing his first book, Soma-Cultural Liberation, which will be published by North Atlantic books in 2024.

In this episode we dig into the impact of the body and culture and it's impact ion how we process sensation, emotion and so much more. Roger unpacks some soma cultural narratives in North American life and  offers his knowledge on the impact of soma-cultural liberation in sex, therapy and relationships. Follow him on Instagram 

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