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The Erotic Philosopher

Jun 2, 2022

Join me this week  (after a brief hiatus - apologies life got in the way) for a good ol' chin-wag with my buddy, collaborator, wisemind companion and peer therapist Eric G. Schneider.

Eric & I dig into the nature of intimacy. What we experience in contrast with what we believe. The myths that infect and interfere with romantic partnerships in particular, and how we are with ourselves, and each other, impact all our relationships from friends through to lovers and partners.

For the past 33 years, Eric has been/and is an experiential, dynamically oriented psychotherapist privileging here and now somatic emotional experiencing. In addition his work tends to bring to light historic adaptations to challenging early experiences that impair current relational contexts both in terms of emotional closeness, authentic self expression and sexuality. Currently Eric is completing his Ph.D. dissertation in human sexuality examining current worldviews with respect to romantic relationships. He has is also a practitioner of various Daoist arts and sciences for the past 50 years. When not working, he enjoys playing clarinet, ventriloquism and puppetry. He lives in NYC with his partner, a parrot and their little dog Bodhi.