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The Erotic Philosopher

Aug 26, 2020

How do we release generations of internalized sexual shame?

Desire Catalyst inspired relationships to desire. Systemic family constellations. Transgenerational patterns

The power of lineage and repetition in families around sex & relationships.

DNA shifts alterations after trauma. How can plant medicine and herbalism help shift sexual healing and whats the relationship between ancestral wisdom  and plant medicine? Pleasure is the point of life!

Listener letter Patricia afraid of being single. Four generations of lone parents. Gets into relationships then loses interest in sex.

How do our beliefs about sex/ relationships inform our relationships and lives? Who do these beliefs serve? Who benefits from them? And how do we liberate ourselves into new truths?

Elise offers super practical tips on transforming deeply stuck patterns of fear, shame and trauma

Elise Bish is a conscious sexuality educator, folk herbalist, and family constellation facilitator. She believes that sex is sacred, pleasure is healing, and desire is our motivation to grow. Elise has over a decade of experience in the field of sexuality and has supported hundreds of people in cultivating an inspired relationship to their desire through embodiment practices, ancestral healing, and conscious sexual skill-building. In her 1:1 coaching, workshops, and retreats, she holds sacred space where people of all genders can explore their relationship to their desire and sexuality in a shame-free, non-judgmental environment.

Instagram @desirecatalyst