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The Erotic Philosopher

Jul 29, 2020

In this episode of The Erotic Philosopher, Cyndi sits down and goes deep with Dr Dulcinea (Alex) Pitagora.

Where else to start except heteronormativity, anal sex, sexual shame, pride and anally receptive straight cis men! Yes, they go right there.

How does privilege protect us from sexual shame and what effect does our identity have on our shame and practices? Alex tells us about their PhD research into anally receptive straight men and how pressure reduces pleasure!

Speaking of pleasure, how do you talk about unsatisfying sex in a relationship? What are the benefits of feeling awkward? How do we get better at talking about pleasure? What happens if we go to feeling bad to feel good in controlled yet kinky consensual contexts? Alex shares and insight they received in a client session on how to navigate shame that really impressed them.

Then Dr Alex & Cyndi address an erotic quandary from a listener about sexual highs, sobriety, fantasy sex, feeling how we want to feel during sex and creating hotter sex through life changes, preparation & communication. How do we manage fear and awkwardness when we want to take an erotic risk...where do we even start?

Are you ready… strap in (or on) Let’s go.


Dr. Dulcinea Pitagora (they/them) —who also goes by Alex has a psychotherapy and sex therapy private practice at the Manhattan Alternative Wellness Collective in support of all sexualities, genders, and lifestyles. They are proudly out as a member of the kink, poly, queer, and TGNC (trans & gender non-conforming) communities, and also as a former sex worker. They created, a referral site for sex positive therapists and wellness professionals, and they co-organize the AltSex NYC Conference, a forum for expansive sexuality education. They have recently come out as Cyndi Darnell’s biggest fan. 

You can find Alex at  dulcneapitagora (dot) com